• Per @jamesdempsey: Save The WWDC Date: Wed Night, June 6. James Dempsey and the Breakpoints, LIVE near WWDC. Benefit concert for App Camp For Girls. Sign up to be first to get all the details: eepurl.com/wfs3X .

  • Just finished recording Episode 2 Micro @monday Microcast. Such a fun guest! I can’t wait to share it…but I will wait until Monday.

  • 2017: Inaugural WWDC Micro.blog Meetup. We’ll set a date for this year soon. Hope to see a bigger crowd, and better gender representation!

  • This is Lola, just about to shake off all the rain. She was a great dog to walk today, my first one in a month after being sick. 1 mile, several doggie kisses from a shy pup = 😍

  • I was so excited about the new Micro Monday Microcast, I almost forgot to post my Micro Monday recommendation. @solari is criss-crossing the country in a little camper van. I always wanted to try that. There are a lot of other cool things about him; follow him and find out!

  • Micro Monday is now a microcast too! Your Micro Monday recommendations will help us find future interviewees. So keep them coming!

  • Microbrew and Microblog is teaming up with Homebrew Website Club to kick off local Portland indieweb/microblog meetups. First one is Wednesday at Rogue on SE 9th: indieweb.org/events/20… (cc: @jw @verso @cheesemaker)

  • Green Plantain Soup is delicious. / @wyatt @klandwehr

  • Welcome @cleverangel! Glad to have you here. 🙋‍♀️

  • Ready for the immersion blender. My Le Creuset was really perfect for this. It only cooks 40 minutes and the Instant Pot was busy with a pork roast. #plaintains #whole30

  • Trying a new recipe I picked up at @newseasonsmarket yesterday: Green Plaintain Soup. The sample at the Hawthorne store was yummy! #whole30 compliant too!

  • I’ve drafted a comprehensive viewing guide for Star Trek: Voyager as a constructive response to those who watch a few random episodes and declare it’s not good. It’s for people who want to watch it, but worry that it’s bad. Feedback welcome! I plan to release next week.

  • Oh no! Special coffee mug with sentimental value is kaput. (Looks over at @macgreg. 🙏)

  • Thanks to @michal I now know the Finnish word for guinea pig. It’s so short. (Check out Vorto!)

  • My awesome friends @kyeli @pace212 from Austin are here. Visiting them was one of the best things about going to SXSW. So my FOMO is seriously reduced this year!

  • Congrats, @michal! (German font might need to be smaller. As always… 😂)

  • Whole30 Week 2 Highlights (#sunlitapp)


    Grilled pork chop, sweet potato fries, brussels sprouts, homemade mayonnaise


    Butternut squash soup with chicken sausage; chicken salad wraps; pork chop, kale, sweet potato fries


    Chicken salad wraps, beef broth; pork chop, spinach, sautéed potatoes


    Scrambled egg, bacon, spinach, shallot “muffins”

  • Yesterday I thought, “Wow, it would be a great day to go to Council Crest.”* And then I got a Lyft request to go right nearby! (*Best viewpoint in PDX)

  • Sunlit 2.0 for iOS is out today. It’s a photoblogging tool you can use with Instagram to publish to your own blog—or microblog! Cross-publish your beautiful photos to a platform you control. 💪 itunes.apple.com/us/app/su…

  • Today’s Whole30 breakfast photo is so pretty, I want to share it right now. Butternut Squash Soup (Thai inflected with a dash of curry and coconut milk), garnished with chicken sausage and wilted spinach. (@macgreg: recognize the mug?)

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