• With Micro Monday, we wantto avoid the undifferentiated lists of @-names that made Follow Friday so useless on Twitter. It’s really nice to see just one solid recommendation and the reasoning behind it. Those lists were overwhelming!

  • Tomorrow is Micro Monday, when we share one recommendation of a microblogger to follow and why. Here’s a tip: Favorites are private bookmarks. Use them to bookmark people you’d like to recommend tomorrow or in the future.

  • While looking up something else, I stumbled on this old school-style Web site. If you are into math or puzzles, check it out.

  • Wag dog #7 was a big energetic girl who got a one-hour walk. She was great! On the other hand, technical issues unlocking her door almost drove me nuts. Good thing we had 2.5 miles to burn off our frustration!

  • I’m glad that @manton adjusted the limits on scrolling back in the Micro.blog timeline—justin time for me to follow all the fun, new, prolific (ahem, @donmelton) users!

  • There is already a petition for a Guinea Pig Emoji. I never sign stuff like this, as a rule, but how can I resist?

  • I encourage new users to join us over in the Microblogging Slack. Check out our topic-specific channels: #bugs, #code, #community, #design, #feeds, #hosting, #migration, #wordpress. Lots of great help from the community is available!

  • Wag dog #6. Not the most energetic walker but he persisted despite the rain.

  • I am so jealous of the hedgehog people now that they have their own emoji. 🦔🦔🦔 Even mice, hamsters and bunnies have an emoji. 🐭🐹🐰Guinea pigs are still waiting. 😕

  • Aaron Parecki's Life Stack, Instant Pot, and Me

    The tipping point for me getting the Instant Pot was @aaronpk’s blog post about his “life stack” tools.. I had heard a lot about this appliance. If it’s on Aaron’s list, I reasoned, it must have a good benefit-to-cost ratio.

    I made my first recipe: Butternut Cauliflower Soup. It turned out well. I used my trusty Vitamix to purée it. That works but it is a little fiddly and leads to another appliance needing to be washed. So I’ve ordered the Kitchen Aid Immersion Blender, also on Aaron’s list, for my next soup.

    I’m a little afraid to re-read Aaron’s post, because I might find something I need! 💸

  • Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor Is Already Inspiring Awesome Fanart

  • I met @megan when I appeared on her podcast Jumping Monkeys 10 years ago on TWiT. (In one of my past regenerations, I was the publisher of a children’s magazine.) So happy to have her on Micro.blog!

  • New EasyJet CEO Takes Pay Cut to Match Salary of Female Predecessor

    thepointsguy.com/2018/01/e… Lundgren also plans to increase the proportion of female pilots from 6% to 20%. ✈️

  • Got to watch the new Star Trek: Discovery finally. I’m still processing, so much so that I’ve listened to the Vulcan Hello twice now so I can profit from the insights @blankbaby & Co. 😲 🖖

  • (And Worf + Instant Pot = Day 16 of consecutive microblogging. 14 days to go to get the Daily Blogger pin!)

  • Asking for Instant Pot opinions is like asking for Star Trek opinions. I got inundated with responses to my recipe request! So this post might break the internet. (“Today is a good day to dine.” by @hazydreamsco) 👩‍🍳🖖

  • My preflight checklist before leaving the house to drive for Lyft. I mentioned this on @clockwisepod #225 as my one example of where I use paper for notes. cc: @collin re: sticky notes.

  • I think Buffy would like to kick the butt of the person who made this sign. 🙄

  • For Micro Monday, I like to recommend people I’ve met through Micro.blog. This week it’s @kitt, with lovely book recommendations, food photos and other stunning photography like this: www.aur.as/2018/01/2…

  • Wow, @becky! Congrats on the update. How I have never heard of this app before? I love Live Photos. Naturally I had to give Snapthread a quick spin right away. #wheek 😄 youtu.be/CWcv2mQuy…

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