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I Actually Like The MacBook Pro With Touch Bar

My pal Kitt got a new MacBook Pro, and she isn’t thrilled.

First new Apple laptop in 3 years and what the hell happened? Why is the MagSafe gone (it saved many laptops from dives off tables)? And I have to buy new cables for externals? And WHAT IS THIS TOOLBAR ANNOYANCE? #whyyyyy #grumpy #hi

I’ve had the 13” MacBook Pro with Touch Bar for over a year now. I haven’t really piped up in response to the massively critical reception it’s received in my social media feeds. I wouldn’t like to get into it on Twitter, but hey, this is the community. So here are my thoughts about Kitt’s complaints.

1) I too miss the MagSafe adapter for the charging connector. I assume it wasn’t feasible with the new USB-C ports.

2) I do love having four USB-C ports. I really love the ability to plug in on either side of the laptop.

3) Adapters: the price of moving forward. I only have one USB-C to USB-A adapter. It’s fine.

4) I like the Touch Bar for many things, in particularly the volume and brightness controls. For podcasting in particular, it’s nice to have silent keys.*

5) Touch ID is the best, especially for unlocking 1Password. I could not go back.

  • I recently connected with other fans of the Touch Bar at 360iDev. We realized that we all tend to keep quiet about our fandom, so as not to provoke hate tweets…