I just posted a transcription of the Micro Monday podcast episode with Sameer Vasta.

When we first launched the Micro Monday podcast, I followed up each episode with a transcription. I was motivated to do so because I knew we had at least one deaf member of the community, and I also know that some folks prefer reading a transcript rather than listening to a podcast episode.

I have gotten behind on creating and posting the transcripts. I am using a great tool called Trint, which automatically transcribes the audio and makes it easy to play back audio while you edit. The raw transcription must be edited pretty closely. It usually takes me about twice the time of the audio to do the editing. And as the Micro Monday episodes get longer, it means the transcripts require more time.

Editing a transcript of an interview I’ve already edited as an audio file is also a bit tedious. I have to admit that.

I also haven’t been happy with the user experience of the Micro Monday site when the podcast episodes are interleaved with transcripts. I wanted the transcripts to be linked to from the episode and appear in their own section. Manton just added a feature for adding a page that does not appear in the navigation, and this is what I will use for transcripts.

Did I mention I’m behind? I am really behind. The last episode transcript I published was Episode 8 with Sergio Ruiz, and now I’ve just posted Episode 27 with Sameer Vasta. I have some catching up to do, but I have a few ideas on how to get that done. I’ll be posting links to new transcripts as they become available.

I have been motivated and inspired by several members of our community. Josh de Lioncourt has been working improving the accessibility of Icro, the third-party Micro.blog app by Martin Hartl. Users like Cheri Baker are committed to accessible images by adding text descriptions.

And, of course, Sameer Vasta put it best:

“So all you can do is to approach each individual as a human, as a caring, feeling, sentimental human, and to understand that our impact on them will have an impact on their sentiment and their feeling. Whatever we can do to make sure that we are not making them feel like they do not belong, that is the best thing we can do.”

Read the whole transcript of my conversation with Sameer, now available! And look for more transcripts and better organization to come in the future.

And think about what you can do to make everyone feel like they belong at Micro.blog.