My Moment

(Darn it! I missed the exact anniversary.)

On January 16, 2017, I wrote an email to Manton Reece, declaring my interest in the role of community manager at

Have you ever found something so compelling that you couldn’t stop thinking about it? When I read Manton’s plans to hire a community manager, a stretch goal in the Kickstarter campaign to launch a new blogging and social media platform, I had that feeling: this is me. In my memory from then, I took some time to think about it before throwing my hat in the ring for something that was still quite speculative. A day or two, as one should, to reflect about how this position, not at all what I was looking for, would fit my life and change my life.

Yet, when I dig into that historical archive that my email has become, I discover that I might have waited an hour or two at most. I wrote to Manton on the same day that he announced he would be looking for a community manager.

My community building and PR skills might fit well with what you are doing with I am very intrigued with the concept of a community manager who manages the line between openness and harassment.

I had already put the wheels in motion to transition App Camp For Girls to a paid professional non-profit staff. I was eager to get back into the business of software. I couldn’t have predicted that I’d be working in a web-based, cross-platform, software-as-a-service business, implementing independent web standards in contrast to the corporate social media silos. But I read that Kickstarter update, and I was hooked.

Now I am making plans to step back from those silos (Goodbye, Facebook) and go all in at I write more than I ever have before, blogging regularly here at my personal site. I’ve “met” a bunch of internet friends who have reinvigorated my passion of the web.

And I couldn’t be happier.

Jean MacDonald @jean