While listening to the latest edition of AppStories with John Voorhees and Federico Viticci, I learned that Apple released a new iPad Pro ad, “A new way to host your own podcast."

Like John and Federico, I was particularly curious how Apple would show the world how to podcast from an iPad Pro. But I was really disappointed to see Step One: “Download the Anchor app.”

Anchor is a venture-funded podcast hosting service that offers everything for free. By now, I think folks should be circumspect about using a silo to host their creative work. Manton Reece, founder of Micro.blog, wrote:

I want my own podcast at my own domain name so that I’m not dependent on a company that may or may not be around in a few years.

Think about Facebook. At some point, Anchor will have to monetize your podcast. I have no doubt. And your podcast will be hosted at their domain, anchor.fm/your-name-here, making it difficult to move it to an independent platform.

My goal with Microcast Studio is to help folks navigate their way to publishing podcasts on their own terms. Follow me here as I publish tips, reviews, and how-tos to get started with microcasting, which I call the gateway drug to podcasting. And then we can say, as Apple does at the end of the ad, “Congratulations, now you’re a podcaster!”

A podcaster who controls their own content.