It’s been three weeks since my mishap in Trieste. It will be three more weeks of staying in bed while the knee surgery heals.

There are a lot of things I miss about being ambulatory. One challenge to my mental health is that my view is very limited. The bedroom and the bathroom are the only two places I see. Related to that, I realize how much I miss taking photos. There are only so many photos I can take of my leg in a brace. Even if I did leave this corner of my house, I wouldn’t be able to maneuver my iPhone to take a photo while balancing on crutches.

So I’m asking you, dear internet friends, to share some photos with me and give me some new views. I’ve created a daily photoblog challenge to make it more fun. I’ve chosen 11 days worth of themes that will inspire and cheer me. Tag me (@macgenie) so I’ll be sure to see them. I will collect them and share them on my blog as well.

  • Day 1: Patience
  • Day 2: Movement
  • Day 3: Relaxation
  • Day 4: Family
  • Day 5: Determination
  • Day 6: Support
  • Day 7: Relief
  • Day 8: Happiness
  • Day 9: Persistence
  • Day 10: Friends
  • Day 11: Gratitude

Thanks for giving me something to look forward to.