2020 February Photoblogging Challenge

The challenge runs from February 1 through March 1, for a total of 30 days. There is a prompt for each day, open to your interpretation. If you post a photo each day during the challenge, you’ll earn a special pin in your Micro.blog account.

We’ve extended the Micro.blog free trial period to coincide with the photoblogging challenge, so invite your friends to register for Micro.blog and join the challenge. Photoblogging is one of the most popular uses of Micro.blog, and a great way to get into a habit of posting.

The photo posts will be added to the Discover timeline and can be viewed in the Discover photos feed as well.

Update: if you include the prompt word with your photo, it will help us adding your posts to the Discover timeline. If you are cross-posting to Twitter, you can include the tag #mbfeb. We’ll be encouraging folks on Twitter to check out Micro.blog and participate, and we’ve extended the free trial period to cover the photoblogging challenge.

(A note about time zones: the prompts are organized by day, not date. In practice, folks in Australia and New Zealand will likely want to post February 2 - March 2. This won’t affect your pin eligibility—we’ve accounted for that.)

Day 1: Open
Day 2: Sight
Day 3: Reflect
Day 4: Spot
Day 5: Hide
Day 6: Plant
Day 7: Above
Day 8: Contrast
Day 9: Lull
Day 10: Sign
Day 11: Plain
Day 12: Attachment
Day 13: Rise
Day 14: Warmth
Day 15: Balance
Day 16: Rest
Day 17: Cool
Day 18: Oppose
Day 19: Space
Day 20: Scale
Day 21: Progress
Day 22: Spectacle
Day 23: Station
Day 24: Double
Day 25: Hurdle
Day 26: Escape
Day 27: Together
Day 28: Below
Day 29: Leap
Day 30: Vision

Jean MacDonald @jean