It’s been over two years since we launched the ritual of Micro Monday. The idea was to help each other find new bloggers to follow. A lot of new folks have joined the platform recently, and I’d love it if we could help welcome them with recommendations. If you use the phrase “Micro Monday” in your posts, they’ll appear in the special Micro Monday category timeline automatically.

Not too long after we launched Micro Monday, I started an interview podcast with the same name, with a new guest from the community every week. I’ve published 84 episodes of Micro Monday. I had a record of not missing a Monday for a good while. In the last year, that hasn’t been the case for a variety of reasons. The last one was April 6 this year. (And that’s a chat with founder @manton.)

I know a lot of you enjoyed getting to know your fellow community members this way. I intend to get the podcast going again. I have a few ideas about how to refresh the format and maybe make it easier to maintain a weekly schedule. (And your Micro Monday recommendations will help me build a list for future episodes!)

Stay tuned.


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