ScreenCastsOnline tutorial now available to everyone

ScreenCastsOnline released a 46-minute tutorial on how to use The presenter is a voice known to the community, Rosemary Orchard. (The editor is another one of my favorite people in the Apple community, J.F. Brissette.)

If you are a Mac or iPhone user, and you like in-depth tutorials of software that are well-produced and well-presented, I highly recommend you check out ScreenCastsOnline. For a $8/month (or $72/year), you’ll enjoy access to a rich library of tutorials. I’m excited to announce that ScreenCastsOnline has generously made the tutorial available to everyone.

The service has been around since 2005, launched by Don McAllister, a popular speaker and producer. I’ve been following Don all this time. We worked together on tutorials for Smile’s products, and we’ve also shared many good times at Macworld, Blogworld, and the MacMania cruises. The ongoing popularity of SCO is a testament to Don’s passion for helping folks with comprehensive yet clear software tutorials.

I’ve created a detailed outline here of the topics that Rosemary covers, with timestamps for some frequently-used features, to help current community members to skip ahead. 😇

Getting started with a tour of website (1:00)

  • create an account
  • choose a theme
  • add podcast and video hosting
  • writing your first post
  • preview and markdown
  • Finding people to follow and using the Discover tab
  • Replies
  • Chronological timeline
  • Favorites
  • Mentions and conversations
  • Mute or report a user

A tour of the options available under the Account tab (10:00)

  • Complete your About Me profile
  • Add a profile photo
  • Adding crossposting
  • Crossposting to Mastodon

Editing posts and site organization

  • Time/date, title, content (15:15)
  • About, archive, photos, replies
  • Adding pages and navigation links (17:50)
  • Uploading a photo and copying HTML (19:23)
  • Categories (20:55)
  • Using category filters
  • Design (23:10)
  • Site Title
  • Podcast category and author
  • Track podcast downloads
  • Custom themes (24:40)
  • Edit css colors, footer content
  • Include conversation on post page
  • Use a custom domain (26:45)
  • Save posts to the Internet Archive
  • New post options (28:17)
  • Save drafts
  • Show categories
  • Automatic title field for long posts
  • Long posts vs microposts
  • Create photo posts compatible apps (31:00)

  • Getting started with app for Mac
  • Tagmoji in Discover for browsing special interests (33:10)
  • Menus on Mac app (33:55)
  • Create new post (Command + N)
  • Add markdown formatting
  • Add photos
  • Help options

iPhone apps: and Sunlit (35:50)

  • Sign In with Apple or email
  • Allow notifications
  • Create new post
  • Add photo, markdown
  • Choose category
  • Using Sunlit (38:07)
Jean MacDonald @jean