Organizing this year’s Microblogvember, I wanted to give our community an outlet for daily writing that was doable, even if you couldn’t commit to writing 1666 words a day for NaNoWriMo. (And serious kudos to those folks who did NaNoWriMo!)

Lots of microbloggers participated, myself included. Even though I was posting the daily prompt, I did not slack off and count that as a Microblogvember post for the day. 😇 But the prep of each day’s random prompt, plus the curating of the posts for the Discover feed, was a good way for me to start off each day and I appreciated having something regular to concentrate on during a challenging month.

Focusing on one discrete micro task first thing in the morning became something I look forward to. I need another structured challenge, something doable but valuable to me, and hopefully to you.

Today I’m starting on a project I’m calling “Docsember.” (It doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like Microblogvember. 😉) Each day I will review one of the Help docs and publish the update. Some days the changes might be minor. Other days, I might write a new document to add to the Help when I find that’s necessary.

Suggestions for edits or new Help docs are welcome! If you have a bunch of web pages of your own to update, feel free to join me in Docsember for mutual encouragement purposes.