I let a predictable frustration knock me off my stride this week. I had to fill out my application for health insurance and reevaluate the plans. After hours of research and phone calls, I determined there is no way I’ll be able to continue with the three doctors I see most. In the end, I decided to prioritize one and save $1200 in premiums.

After each session of trying to sort this, I’d be spent. I find that I take it personally, as if corporations are specifically uncaring about me. Then I’d retreat into doing nothing productive for the rest of the day to calm down.

Anyway, it’s done now. No wonder I procrastinate doing this every year. Next year, I’m going to just put a couple days off on the calendar with no expectation of getting anything else done and (hopefully) schedule something nice like a massage or pedicure as a reward to offset the crankiness.