Microbloggers: try Ulysses for 3 months free

Recently Ulysses, the writing app for Mac, iPad and iPhone, welcomed Micro.blog to their publishing family. Ulysses 22 added support for publishing directly to Micro.blog. Manton wrote about this in March, including a short guide to getting started.

Since then, the Micro.blog community has welcomed quite a number of Ulysses users. Our goal has always been to make writing on your blog as easy as possible, regardless of the length of your post. We also offer a safe and civil place to follow bloggers and to engage in conversation. Welcoming new members with an interest in writing and communicating is a pleasure.

Being part of a family has benefits! I am happy to announce that microbloggers who want to try Ulysses can use it free for 3 months. Activate the offer via this link, and follow the instructions.

Ulysses and Micro.blog are both part of a larger family of indie app developers. Ever since I first started at Smile in 2004, working together with like-minded folks to bring benefits to customers has always been one of the things that makes it fun to be in this corner of the software business.

The parties are also fun…
(on the left, Max Seelemann, Ulysses founder, at the Smile WWDC party.)

Jean MacDonald @jean