Here are the presentations and time slots for Micro Camp, which starts two weeks from tomorrow. (February always catches me out with its paltry 28 days…)

The times listed are Pacific Standard Time (UTC-7:00). The titles and times are still subject to change, and we put the final touches on the event, but we thought you’d like to start getting excited. Are you on the mailing list? Sign up at, and you’ll be notified when registration opens.

Friday, March 11

  • 10 AM The State of with Manton, Jean and Vincent / @vincent
  • 11 AM Maique Madeira / @maique, AMA (Ask Maique Anything)
  • 12 PM Cheri / @cheri, How to Self-Publish A Novel

1 - 6 PM Zoom meetups TBA

  • 7 PM Themes and Plug-ins with Pete / @pimoore, Amit / @amit, and Manton
  • 8 PM Halsted Mencotti Bernard / @cygnoir, Blank Page, Full Pen, Can’t Lose: Journaling For Mindfulness
  • 9 PM Martin Feld / @martinfeld, An Eye for an Ear

Saturday, March 12

  • 10 AM Khaled Abou Alfa / @kaa, A Short Primer on Web Typography
  • 11 AM Sven Dahlstrand / @sod, Accessible Microblogging: A Crash Course
  • 12 PM – break –
  • 1 PM Clifford Beshers / @cliffordbeshers, Daily Photo Posts: From Challenge to Counterpoint
  • 2 PM TBA
  • 3 PM Wrap Up and After Party 🎉

We are looking for folks who want to host meetups. Email me at if you have a topic or an interest group that you’d like to offer.