This year, I decided to step back from trying to use the Getting Things Done (GTD) system and OmniFocus to manage my tasks and my productivity. Week after week, on The Weekly Review podcast, my co-host James Dempsey and I would talk more about what we didn’t get done and why. Part of the original inspiration for the podcast was to have an accountability partner to make sure we did the weekly review that is at the heart of the GTD system.

This year, I decided I wanted to step away from all my GTD-inspired checklists on OmniFocus, and come up with something simpler based on the things I was likely to do. I wanted a memorable abbreviation for my system, and for some reason, the word “meow” stuck, and I have been playing with what MEOW stands for. I am pretty happy with the current definition, and so I give you:

My Evolving Organizational Workflow

I have a Drafts document that looks like the one here. I copy it into a new draft, add the date, and proceed with the checklist. If I get any steps done on this checklist, I will report to James on the podcast, that I have done a Weekly MEOW. The MEOW doesn’t require every step to be done every time.


Today’s date

  • Spend 5 minutes on a mind sweep to find what is most worrying or most exciting
  • Clear out this past week’s mail using Mailstrom/Chuck
  • Think about grocery shopping and meal plans, and update shopping lists
  • Review Due app
  • Review projects in Tot
  • Review Drafts inbox
  • Review Calendar
  • Open and recycle physical mail
  • Review weekly meeting minutes

The steps are evolving, as the name says. But so far, this is a good start every week for me to know where I stand in terms of where my attention should go.

I talk about it on Episode 219 of The Weekly Review.