Guinea Pig Easter extravaganza, 2016. Now that Ada is gone, I haven’t had much enthusiasm to do more holiday tableaux. Ada was the sassy actor. With Grace the scaredy-pig, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between a still and a video. Freeze over fight or flight!

Two guinea pigs and a stuffed rabbit in a purple Easter basket, with carrots and plastic eggs.

Grace, the guinea tortoise, comes out of her pigloo shell just far enough to capture her favorite prey.

Bonus Day 30 privacy photos—guinea pig edition. Grace rearranges her hideys for maximum privacy. The cardboard tunnel is like a porte-cochère for the pigloo.

guinea pig cage with pigloo and tunnelGrace in her private lair

Day 24: babies.

Not the best photo, but the best photo I have of my guinea piglets, when they were just 2 months old and could fit into one pigloo with room to spare.

Day 18 (belated): at home

Guinea pig home décor goals. I like elements spaced apart, maximizing open space. Grace likes her pigloo next to the food bowl, to minimize her time exposed in the open where I might catch and eat her. (Yeah, I t’s been 6+ years, but it could happen?)

guinea pig cage with hideys spaced apart on one endguinea pig with pigloo next to food bowl

A few photos of my guinea pig habitat supplies for @ericmwalk. This is just the tip of the iceberg of stuff I have purchased for them. 🤣

This morning at 5 am, I woke up with a panicked thought. “I totally forgot about the cat during this snowpocalypse. He must have run away! I’ve been too focused on the guinea pig.”

It took me a while to reach the logical conclusion that I must not have a cat, because I never buy cat food. (I haven’t had my own cat since 1994.)

Day 14: Compassion

Dr. Burgess of Southwest Animal Hospital loves guinea pigs…and ferrets, hedgehogs, rabbits, turtles, lizards. A true specialist in small and/or exotic pets. His care and compassion for little creatures always impresses me, even if the patients are skeptical.

The snow and/or freezing rain has started. I’m glad I had the sense to put in a grocery order for this morning, or else we’d be out of parsley.

large orange guinea pig staring at me

I don’t remember who suggested this last year, as an alternative to Instagram’s top liked photos.

Here’s my 2020 Fave Eight.

Eight 2020 photos, incl. me in Fla., at the Doctor Who con, with my nephew in the backyard, guinea pig birthday and more.

Last Christmas treats and cuddles with Grace. We hope everyone had a nice holiday. 🥬🥂🍰

Guinea pig eating lettuce in a cuddle cup

Merry Christmas/Eve, 🎄🥂 🌟

wheek wheek wheek (insert guinea pig here 😏)

I made the mistake yesterday of doing one more chore (guinea pig cage refresh, disproportionately strenuous to pet size) and tweaked my back. I’ve been laid up with my heating pad and that’s just depressing.

Then I open, and it made me happy. I’m grateful for this.

The elusive guinea turtle pokes it head out of its shell, hoping for a treat.

Grace in her pigloo, with just her head sticking out.

We got a new book! Well, it’s mostly for me. Grace is a big Tribble fan, and sadly, there are no Tribbles in Star Trek: Voyager. I had to bribe her with parsley to do this photo.

Grace the guinea pig with the new Star Trek Voyager compendium

For completionist sake, I’m circling back to Day 4 of Microblogvember, near. It was the day I lost my little guinea pig, Ada, so near and dear to my heart, and I couldn’t bring myself to post about anything. 😢

Selfie with Ada

Random unordered items arrive in my Instacart order. This combination of ingredients is so strange, I worry if it’s a secret message, perhaps a call for help?

Meanwhile they forgot the parsley, which I order every time. The essential guinea pig treat.😫

two large jars of mayonnaise, tortillas and dates

My dilemma is that guinea pigs are social animals who should have a friend or at least a frenemy, but I’m not sure I want to get another after having lost my pretty princess Ada. Grace and I are getting to know one another better, now that our sassy extroverted one is gone.

guinea pig in a pigloo with a huge pile of lettuce

One of my nicknames for Grace is “sweet pea” which is short for “sweet potato.”

Happy thanksgiving! Enjoy your sweet things. 🧡

Sweet potato imitating a rotund orange guinea pig

You know how Snoopy makes toast and popcorn for Thanksgiving dinner? At my house, it’s pie and lettuce. The lettuce is a feast for Grace the guinea pig. The mini pie is all for me. The big pie will be shared, though not with Grace (who would choose lettuce over pie any day).

Bakery pie box, mini pumpkin pie and a container of lettuce

I forced Grace on the scale today. I want to keep track so I avoid unintentionally overfeeding her or spoiling her with too many treats.

Large orange guinea pig on kitcen scale. No one likes being weighed.

New emojis on iOS. 😑 One of my big disappointments this year is the rejection of my proposal for a guinea pig emoji.

proposed guinea pig emoji

When I got up this morning, I discovered that my little guinea pig Ada had passed away overnight. Respiratory infections are very hard on these little creatures. She was 6 years old, pretty good for a gp.

So I’m not up to being on online today, which is a blessing I think.

No surgery for Ada today. After they put her under, they couldn’t intubate her because she’s got a respiratory infection. So she needs a course of antibiotics first.

They sent her home, packed in hay for warmth. Dispensing oral meds and eye drops, I’m going to be unpopular.

Ada has surgery on Friday morning for the lump on her shoulder. The vet’s office just called to remind me no veggie treats for two days before. That’s 48 hours of shrieking deprived guinea pigs I have to endure. 😱

two hungry guinea pigs

Manton will cover community management duties for me. And my neighbor will cover my guinea pig concierge responsibilities. 🙂

Have a nice weekend!

Me: Oooh, big package just dropped off. Maybe a very belated birthday gift? 🎁

:: opens it up ::

Me: Oh right, I ordered this.

Grace and Ada: Thank you for not running out of essentials. 🧻

Carefresh cage bedding for the guinea pigs, aka GP toilet paper

When I first joined an online guinea pig community in 1997, we called ourselves “guinea pig slaves,” a joke about our demanding pets.

It was the protest against the tshirts worn by the cast of Suffragette that opened my eyes.

Now I’m a guinea pig concierge.

I just ordered pea flakes for Grace and Ada from GuineaDad. This site and the YouTube channel bring me much guinea pig info and joy. You will be amazed at his guinea pig architecture skills, too.

An short exerpt from the failed guinea pig playpen video this weekend. I tried setting up a little tripod to catch them at their eye level. It wasn’t long before Grace inadvertently shoved Ada out of the frame.

I would love to take the guinea pigs out to lunch today. But it’s a little damp and the temperature isn’t going to break 70F.

And check it out…

**Micro Meetup next Thurs. (Apr. 30), 5 pm - 6 pm PDT. **

@cheesemaker and I will be holding a virtual happy hour. Everyone is invited to be a guinea pig at what we intend to be a regular event.

Mark your calendars. Plan your backdrops. Details to come.

I knew it was a longshot, but I am sad that the Unicode Consortium rejected the guinea pig emoji proposal.

They probably won’t consider a crying guinea pig emoji either. That’s what I’d use here. 😭😿

(But I’m never using 🐹 for guinea pig!)

More guinea pig cuteness. The instinct to stay in the cuddle cup is overridden by the instinct to eat fresh grass.

Today I’m thankful for my pals on The Incomparable Network. We had a lively chat today to wrap up Picard. A podcast a day keeps the blues away.

I look forward to another quiet night alone with the guinea girls.

Some people think this emoji:


could represent a guinea pig.

Never ever confuse hamsters and guinea pigs. That’s a common but serious faux paw.

I have been meaning to write up the process of submitting a guinea pig emoji to the Unicode Consortium for a few weeks now, but I’ve been distracted. 🤷‍♀️

I thought you all would enjoy seeing the proposed design too, by Neven Mrgan. I really hope it gets accepted!

Submitting a Guinea Pig Emoji Proposal

On March 4, 2020, I submitted a proposal for a guinea pig emoji to the The Unicode Consortium, the folks who decide these things. My guinea pigs are five-and-a-half years old, and I always wanted to have an emoji to represent them. There is a rabbit (🐇), a rat (🐀), and a mouse (🐁). There is even a hamster face (🐹), which some suggested would be usable as a guinea pig. *

Update (4/13/2020): The emoji was rejected. The committee felt that there wasn’t enough evidence that a guinea pig emoji was needed.

You can see that The Unicode Consortium’s emoji proposal request page has been updated, with the Guinea Pig marked “New” instead of “No proposal form.”

Like many guinea pig enthusiasts, I’ve always complained that there was no emoji representing our favorite rodent. I was inspired to stop complaining and work on a proposal when I saw Jennifer 8. Lee of Emojination give a talk titled “How I Became An Emoji Activist” at the 2018 XOXO conference. From Jennifer I learned that there was a process to getting a new emoji accepted. It requires some research and writing. My friend Heidi Helen Pilypas also inspired me with her successful proposal for a bell pepper/capsicum emoji.

The Unicode Consortium has a very specific template for emoji proposals. (Emojination has an annotated template that can be very helpful.) Besides building a case for why a new emoji is needed, you have to do research on the relative popularity of the proposed emoji item via Google and Bing searches.

You also can make the case that the proposed emojii can represent multiple meanings. Guinea pigs are synonymous with laboratory test animals; human test subjects are referred to as guinea pigs; and guinea pigs are also a popular meal in some parts of the world. (Researching that last bit was hard on me 😱, but I knew it was important to be complete and as objective as possible for the proposal.)

You also need to submit a proposed design. I was very lucky that Neven Mrgan, designer at Panic, has also owned guinea pigs and offered to design the sample. His guinea pig emoji so good, I want to start using it right now! But the earliest it’s likely to appear would be spring 2021, and it might not even be accepted. I would be disappointed, but I will still be very happy that I got this proposal together and submitted it for consideration.

I have more time to invent toys for the guinea pigs. 😇

I am thankful to have a cozy home with two guinea pigs for company.

I am looking forward to watching the latest season of Vera tonight. (I’m treating myself to a month of BritBox.)

Ada and I are in the new Cats & Netflix 2020 music video by The Doubleclicks!

The original was about being stuck inside in Portland during the rainy season. The new one features a guinea pig and a cat teleconferencing. (That’s Bandit and Erin on the other end.) 🤣

Here’s a fun thing to do: The Doubleclicks are updating their “Cats and Netflix” song and making a new video to go along with it. This one will be feature user videos of folks with their cats or otherwise self-isolating.

I’m sneaking guinea pigs into my submission.

The memo on plague survival has not reached the guinea pigs. They have been playing around with their water bottle today, and I’m going to have to add fresh bedding.

Today I am thankful for all my pals online, for commiseration, support, and entertainment. I look forward to another quiet night home alone with Grace and Ada. (I haven’t hoarded guinea pig treats, but I am well-stocked!)

Today I’m thankful for the new gas fireplace. It snowed today, a surprise for mid-March in Portland. The coziness is a welcome comfort.

I’m looking forward to another quiet night at home alone with guinea pigs.

Today I am thankful to be back home in Portland with my guinea girls. I’m looking forward to a day of rest with a little work sprinkled in.

New thing I learned while researching my proposal for a guinea pig emoji: rabbits are not rodents. They are lagomorphs., an order that includes rabbits, hares, and pikas. 🐰🐇

I’ve found it hard to concentrate on anything besides Doctor Who today. So I’m pulling one from the archives for Day 15’s prompt “balance.”

This is Rosie, my previous guinea pig, balanced on my shoulders. #mbfeb 📷

Today I am thankful for the opening of the Green Zebra market only a block from my house—and they stock the Italian parsley that my guinea girls love.

I’m looking forward to hanging out at my sister’s house for dinner and family TV night, Survivor premiering. 🏝

Tonight’s soothing guinea pig munching sounds are brought to you by cucumber. Lo l P

New brain teaser for Grace and Ada: lettuce hidden under paper cups. It took them a while to figure it out, though they clearly sensed something desirable was under there.

Need something to help you chill out? The sound of guinea pigs munching on wheat grass is very soothing.

The chimney work has begun. The end result will be a shorter, rebuilt chimney and a gas fireplace.

(The guinea pigs need their own noise-cancelling headphones. They are a bit freaked out by all the commotion.)

“Optimistic and energetic, people born in the Rat year are likable by all. They are sensitive to other’s emotions but are stubborn with their opinion.”

I forgot to wish my fellow Rats a happy new year! I find rodents generally to be optimistic, energetic—and stubborn.

Today I am thankful that I’m doing the gratitude practice, even if I miss a day. I’m looking forward to having friends over tonight for guinea pig happy hour, i.e. radicchio fest with guests and drinks.

During guinea pig playtime, Grace got herself into a narrow paper bag and couldn’t get out. I really didn’t think she’d be brave enough to explore it. I had to rip the bag open, she’s traumatized, and Ada ate all the lettuce. Bad guinea pig mom!

Today, a few of my friends are having an especially rough day, and I assume there are others I don’t know about. I am holding a thought for you, with good wishes for better days ahead, and also I can offer emergency guinea pigs.

Today I am thankful for a cozy house on a cold, rainy Portland day. I am looking forward to guinea pig cuddles, even though I have to bribe them with wheat grass.

My Favorite Eight photos - 2019

My guinea pigs Ada and Grace

Jean and guinea pigs

Littlest nephew for a sleepover

nephew cozy in bed

Old friends Jean, Rosie, Peggy

Jean, Rosie, Peggy at party

Sonoma sunset

Sunset over vineyards

MacDonald in Miami

Siblings and dad in the pool

Lekcije slovenščine

Slovenian flash cards

Post-knee injury podcast rig

Jean podcasts from bed

Nieces and nephs

beautiful young clan members

Hand-picked—no algorithm needed

Favorite Eight title card

Video: the making of the 2019 Christmas tableau with guinea pigs. This is one I could put a dialog track to, the way it looks like they are having a conversation. (But I know myself too well, and would spend way too much time on such a project.)

Christmas tableau with guinea pigs. Or, 2019: the year they discover the romanesco broccoli trees are edible. (This is not great, because cruciferous veggies are not great for guinea pigs.)

Five years ago today. These two critters fit into one pigloo with room to spare. I had gone two years without a dog, and didn’t want to get another one. So I finally decided to get guinea pigs. Per ounce, they are the most lovable and entertaining companions I’ve ever had.

I learned to love Feldsalat (aka mâche or lamb’s lettuce), when I was an exchange student in Germany. I like to treat myself to this pricey winter green very occasionally.

I feel guilty not sharing with the guinea pigs, but they could slurp down $10 worth in 20 mins.

Thank you @fiona! Between the YouTube RSS feed and the three-finger swipe, you are my Tip Hero for 2019. 😃

PS. Everyone should subscribe to Little Adventures for guinea pig squees.

For Throwback Thursday, I unearthed another photo of my first guinea pig, GP, held by my sister Judy, with sister Peggy and cousin Brian alongside.

GP was a fluffy Abyssinian. In my mind, GP and Ada are nearly identical. But from the old photos, I see GP was mostly white.

It’s a law in Switzerland that you must have a second guinea pig. Solo piggies are deprived of the interaction they need as social animals. Even if they like to annoy one another, it counts as socializing. #mbnov

I believe that Grace has been moonlighting as a plus-size guinea pig model.

I invented a new guinea pig treat today: lettucicles. They’re easy to make: place a bag of lettuce into the freezer by mistake. ❄️🥬🤦‍♀️

My star guinea pig, Ada. She is brave and seeks The Truth about whether it’s time for treats.

My scaredy-pig. Grace finds the world frightening. She is convinced that every time I approach her, I’m planning to eat her.

She’s also afraid she won’t get her share of all the treats. So she’s often frozen by competing instincts.

No Micro Monday podcast today. Sorry! Grace is not having the best day either…

guinea pig nail trim

Still finding gems from last spring’s family home declutter: my sister Peg with my original guinea pig, the creatively-named GP. #tbt #wheek

One of my nephew’s hamsters. 🐹

It was quite tame and adorable, but oh so tiny! I like a more substantial rodent pet.

(Insert guinea pig emoji here.)

I was reminded by Micro.blogger @philroy that today is the anniversary of the 1991 release of Nevermind by Nirvana, which made me want to share this awesome artwork from Piggie Parodies.

“Well I know I had it comin’
I know I can’t be free…”🎵

Grace and Ada are on their way to the guinea pig rescue’ boarding service. My best friend is coming from NYC to take care of me for a week. She’s not really a rodent fan. It will be easier for both of us to hand them off to the professionals.

I will still miss them!

FaceTime with the morski prašički. Grace came out to say “hello.” (Actually, my father took the pigloos out of the cage so Grace couldn’t hide.) They seemed to respond to me singing their favorite song, “Who Wants Parsley?” (sung to the tune of Frere Jacques) 🇸🇮🐹

FaceTime with Grace and Ada. Well, mostly Ada because Grace is a big scaredy-pig who hates technology.

FaceTime screenshot with Ada the guinea pig

Training the parental units in the art of the guinea pig radicchio fest.

feeding guinea pigs

And Friday got even better with Flock Friday from @dejus. The ducklings are just adorable and are reminding me of the guinea pigs with their big-eyes stares and focus on treats. Follow David and @yellowcottage to experience homesteading vicariously!

I organized a spelling bee competition for The Incomparable Network, which was a blast. Antony Johnston, Dan Moren, Monty Ashley, Steve Lutz and Quinn Rose were great sports to be guinea pigs–I mean contestants. 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

It’s been a while since Grace and Ada have had a proper radicchio fest. 🥬🎉

guinea pigs and radicchio snack

A cuddle cup full of guinea piggies for your Saturday evening enjoyment.

If you need a smile today, here is a mega-adorable YouTube video of a golden retriever and a guinea pig who are totally best friends.

Emergency guinea pig Ada is checking on how you’re doing, @miraz and Sasha.

Last week’s Micro Monday episode featured @bsag, a specialist in animal intelligence. I restrained myself from talking about guinea pigs. But here’s exclusive raw aftershow audio, all about our pets…

Writing the latest “friendsletter” for folks who want to keep up with me as I divest social media presences.

Feel free to sign up for nephew and guinea pig photos, or just to test out Buttondown Email, which I am really liking!

I apologize for the lack of guinea pig updates lately. Here’s our latest homemade toy: tunnel of treats, with cucumber and parsley inside, which overcomes their neophobic instincts.

If I get back to Australia, I would seriously plan a trip to Wollongong so I could see guinea pigs Paco and Coco hang out with budgies Rogue and Rio at @martinfeld’s home menagerie.

Sorry for the late post of this week’s Micro Monday episode! It’s already Micro Tuesday where this week’s guest lives. I hope you enjoy listening to @martinfeld from Wollongong talk about microblogging with me.

(We also talk about guinea pigs, of course.)

Parsley curation is an important part of the guinea pig concierge job description.

There are 3 piles: large stems to be trimmed and put in a glass with water for later, wilted stems to be composted, and random small sprigs for immediate treats.

My clients are demanding.


This is Poppy. She was my loaner dog this weekend. She is one of two chihuahuas that changed my mind about chihuahuas. She is a total love bug who likes to snuggle up close. Her other advantage is being too short to get near the guinea pig cage.

I clicked “Delete” on my Facebook account. @aleen is here to witness and help celebrate.

I’m working on my first “friendsletter” now. If you are already following me on, no need to sign up. You’ll get guinea pig photos here too.

(photo credit: Aleen Simms)

I can’t bring myself to say Happy Valentines Day, due to cynicism about the commercialism, but here are two cute guinea pigs in a cuddle cup for your viewing pleasure. 💘

Grace and Ada are afraid of their new fleece cage liner from GuineaDad. The level of their fear can be measured by how long these two frenemies have huddled together inside one pigloo. (45 minutes) Hashtag: neophobia.

I’m not sure I needed to get a week’s worth of supplies for me and the guinea pigs yesterday, but if I hadn’t, we would have no doubt gotten tons of snow. So you’re welcome, Portland.

Radicchio snack break watching @mentour_pilot discuss maximum aircraft speeds. I told Grace and Ada they don’t have to worry about air disasters because guinea pigs are not allowed on commercial flights.

My Word for 2019

I used to engage in the practice of choosing three words for the New Year instead of making resolutions, which was popularized by Chris Brogan, a writer whose work has inspired me since I saw him at SXSW 2010 speaking about Trust Agents.

Then my friends Pace and Kyeli suggested trimming this down to choosing just one word for the year. And that felt good to me. I was getting a bit obsessive about picking three words, and one year I could only come up with two.

This year, I decided I would pick my 2019 word on New Year’s Day. When I woke up this morning, the word “grace” came to me.

I have certainly benefited from “unmerited divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration or sanctification” (Webster). I consider myself fortunate to be here for another New Year’s Day. 2019 will be a big, challenging year; regeneration and sanctification are on the agenda.

The word as a name works for me, too. There are several people named Grace who inspire me. And, of course, I have a constant reminder to stop and remember my word for this year.

All my best wishes to you for 2019. Let me know how you get inspired.

I’m working on a “goodbye, Facebook” blog post and strategy. One of the things I will miss the most there is the guinea pig group (Potatoes With Legs). Most of my feed now is guinea pig photos. But I’m happy there are at least 3 g.p. people here: @endonend @dan_hill @martinfeld

Who is using I’m getting ready to break off of Facebook/Instagram and Twitter, and I will give people the option of getting a collection of blog posts and (guinea pig) photos via email or RSS. I’d like to see some other Buttondown email examples!

“Mom! She’s doing it again. Why can’t she stay in her own cuddle cup?” Radicchio fest ends predictably.

On my way to pick up my grumpy guinea pig Ada who is out of surgery and doing fine. I think Grace has actually been lonely today. I know I’ve been very distracted waiting for the 👍from the vet.

“Hooman, we felt a disturbance in the fridge. It’s as if there were a head of radicchio and a whole cucumber crying out. Those are the treats we are looking for.” - typical Jedi guinea pig mind trick cc: @alans @EddieHinkle

Not too enthusiastic about our annual checkup. Even though Dr. Mark Burgess is the best guinea pig vet.

Grace tried to discourage Ada, but Ada is determined to squeeze into Grace’s cuddle cup. I still don’t know why Ada does this! #guineapigs

Because they are so cute, and because I spent way more time on this year’s Cavy Halloween Tableau than I intended, here’s one more shot of my Hogwarts guinea pig witches. 🎃

For @dan_hill, my Grace and Ada. I started a little podcast @guineapigs, and also have videos at

@endoend’s girls adopted two earlier this year, but sadly, one of them died. It’s the worst thing about pets, and especially these vulnerable little critters.

I ordered a plush guinea pig, but it is not anatomically correct, and it is totally weirding me out. Guinea pig people will notice immediately, but does anyone else know what’s wrong?

Emergency guinea pig photo for @smokey: Ada, bearing up under the indignity of guinea pig “spa” day.

A united front of resistance on guinea pig spa day. We are overdue for nail trims, professionally done by the kind volunteers of @pdxguineapigs!

I’ve posted the latest Micro @monday Microcast. It was a fun episode for me, because @collin and I share a love for dogs and guinea pigs, but we do manage to talk about what’s happening in social media. (And how pets can make it better!)

For @DazeEnd. (Oh, the indignity of having to be weighed…but it’s necessary when you are almost 2x the normal pet guinea pig size.)

I’ve been remiss in posting guinea pig photos. #guineapigs

Ada enjoying some pets from her new favorite treat dispenser, I mean person, Dori. #guineapigs

My nieces Paige and Zion had fun recording Guinea Pig Wheekly with me. I had fun recording it on the iPhone and editing it with Wavelength while the guinea pigs finished up their lettuce treats. Listen to the latest episode.

Not sure what drama ensued overnight, but someone flipped their pigloo. #guineapigs

Finished practicing for the James Dempsey and the Breakpoints show, and started playing the Buffy theme with full volume and pedal effects. The guinea pigs beat a hasty retreat to their pigloos.


Manton: “Rolled out a series of performance improvements tonight for posting on sites. Had to work through a few unexpected glitches.”

Me: “Returned library books. Picked up echinacea. Sorted the guinea pigs’ bedding.”

I figured out how to get work done while nephew wrangling: invite him to guest on all my podcasts, starting with Guinea Pig Wheekly. 😂❤️

I don’t know why, but every time, after their radicchio snack has been consumed, Ada crosses over into Grace’s territory and insists on getting into Grace’s cuddle cup. #guineapigs

My happy place. (When it’s not below 60 degrees and raining.) This is the Oregon I love. When it gets 5 degrees warmer, it will be time for guinea pig outdoor adventures with fresh grass.

WWCWF. (World Wide Cucumber Wrestling Federation.) #guineapigs

A new Guinea Pig Wheekly is out. I found myself overthinking what is suppose to be a little fun project, and finally just recorded it off the cuff. I have been trying to get good audio of Grace and Ada all week to no avail.

Grace and Ada say: “Have a Nice Wheekend!” #guineapigs

Doing a little doggie day care for my neighbors today. Poppy == 2 guinea pigs.

Guinea Pig Wheekly: My first microcast with @wavelength! I did everything with the iPhone, including using Garage Band to make the intro/outro theme. No special microphone, though I’m eyeing some now! Follow @guineapigs for the latest microcasts plus photos. #wheek

How to weigh a guinea pig. (Grace is twice the size of a standard pet guinea pig. She’s part cuy, bred for 🍽. 😱) #guineapig l

Guinea pig socks. Many thanks to my pal @cassifras47!

Grace and Ada get their nail trims and ear checks at @pdxguineapigs March Guinea Pig Spa event. (The look on their faces tell me that they wonder what the definition of “spa” is.)

Oops, I forgot that photos can’t go in a reply post, even if you try to trick the system by starting a new post. Anyway, the emergency guinea pigs you are looking for… cc: @collin

If you want to see the action version of guinea pigs running to get their vitamins as I sing the Spider-Man-inspired theme song, it’s now on YouTube.

Daily treat! Vitamin C tabs are like cookies to Grace and Ada. #guineapigs

The guinea pigs are jealous of all the doggies, and demand equal time plus treats.

The guinea pigs are jealous of all the doggies, and demand equal time plus treats.

There is already a petition for a Guinea Pig Emoji. I never sign stuff like this, as a rule, but how can I resist?

Whenever I confine the piggies to one side of the cage while changing out their bedding, Ada stages a jailbreak. So far, she’s never been successful.

My first book recommendation with the new book emoji tag (thanks @manton!): Pride and Prejudice. I love this little book, which stays true to the text, except for the guinea pig part. 📚

Micro Monday: I recommend @modernlittleme, a designer who posts beautiful photos, interesting book recommendations, and dispatches from the exotic (to me) world of parenthood. She is apparently a hedgehog person, but appreciates guinea pigs. I’m glad I met her via

“The @willametteweek #pdxpetpageant is going to the dogs, if we guinea pigs don’t get our humans to nominate us! As pacifist vegans, we are the most obvious the best pets in Portland!” - Ada & Grace #guineapig

Champagne and radicchio pairing for NYE. #guineapig #newyearseve

I thought this collection of #bestnine2017 would be mostly guinea pigs. But no! You liked me and @peggymacd at the Women’s March, the Mac sisters in Sisters, and my friend @negrino’s beloved Mac at his memorial service more than guinea pig photos! That is nice, actually. Happy New Year.

A gift to my littlest nephew. He’s still too young for social media (not a spoiler here), but never too young to be introduced to the classics! #guineapig

Top photo: how I imagined our holiday photo shoot (with GP salt & pepper shakers as stand-ins). Bottom: how it turned out with Grace and Ada. #christmascavycontest #guineapig

Top photo: how I imagined our holiday photo shoot (with GP salt & pepper shakers as stand-ins). Bottom: how it turned out with Grace and Ada. #christmascavycontest #guineapig

Thanks for the nice “welcome back” notes. I realize that you all have been deprived of adorable guinea pig photos too! #wheek

Summertime🎵… and the livin’ is easy. Fresh grass for guinea pigs.

A visit from @maia_olson before App Camp next week. She needed some quality guinea pig time.

I’m going to see Wonder Woman today! (But it’s probably too scary for guinea pigs, so Ada stays home.)

I am not adverse to bribing guinea pigs with radicchio for affection.

I dare you to resist the treat entreaties of these most adorable guinea pigs. #wheek

Random guinea pig photo for testing purposes. #microblog

Grace thinks she’s hiding. In her mind she’s a little 2 lb. pet, not a 4 lb. cuy mix (i.e. livestock piggies bred for bulk…) #wheek

I thought I heard a rat in the kitchen. Turned out one of the house rodents liberated herself. 😮

Table flip (guinea pig version). Which is a problem because they can’t fit into one pigloo.

Hay delivery day! Hard to believe these little creatures will chow down 10 lbs of hay in 6 weeks. #guineapig

Sorry I was out sick and have been deficient in posting guinea pig pics. Rest assured that Ada and Grace did get all their usual treats. (Can’t ignore the little wheekers, no matter how ill I am.)

When Grace and Ada could fit in one pigloo with room to spare. #tbt #guineapigs #guineapigsofinstagram #meerschweinchen #cochondinde #cuteguineapigs #mylittlebabies

We went to Guinea Pig Spa Day for a nail trim. Thanks @pdxguineapigs Rescue folks! (Grace is wondering if we have the same definition of “spa.”)

Happy New Year’s Eve. Whether your tastes run to champagne and chocolate cake or radicchio and parsley, indulge! #guineapig #guineapigsofinstagram #champagne #happynewyearseve

Merry merry from Grace And Ada. #guineapig #wheek #guineapigsofinstagram

“Paging the guinea pig concierge. Emergency! The food bowl is EMPTY.”

Some folks have minions I have elves. (And guinea pigs.) Christmas cards or bust!

My first cosplay attempt ever. #guineapig #cosplay #wonderwoman

Halloween video shoot. Lettuce, parsley, cakes > Reese ‘a peanut butter cups. #iographer #guineapigs

I’m on the road. In place of our regularly scheduled guinea pigs… #sonomacounty #lizardsofinstagram

We had a few days quarantine so Ada could recover from a vet procedure. Reunited and it feels so good? Grace immediately monopolizes the two pigloos. Sigh. #guineapig

During nail trimming at the vet’s, someone’s quick got nicked at the vet’s. Which means she gets all the radicchio she can eat. #guineapig #spoiled

Filing away last year’s guinea pigs. (j/k! Transportation to the vet for a checkup.)

Last chance for outdoor grass snack time. That’s my calf above them. Prey animals, Grace & Ada to scootch up under my legs in their enclosure. #guineapig (PS. If you like GPs and The Office, follow @dundermifflinpigcompany!)

It’s 88 degrees and dry: time for outdoor grass snack time. #guineapig #meerschweinchen #cochondinde #porcellinodindia

The job of the guinea pig concierge: separate out the acceptable sprigs of parsley from the dregs. #guineapig

Sonoma wildlife, cont’d: Lambs! At my sister’s friend’s place. They rival guinea pigs in cuteness.

Another guinea pig portrait, using Paper and the Pencil on my petite iPad Pro, this time with my complicated gp. #wheek #guineapig

If you are going to start drawing guinea pigs with your new iPad Pro and Pencil, start with the one who resembles a sweet potato. #guineapig #ipadpro #paper53 #wheek

First fresh grass of the season. A guinea pig gourmet treat. #guineapig #porcellinodindia #cochindinde #meerschweinchen #морскаясвинка #wheek

Grace and Ada wish you a Happy Easter weekend. #guineapig #meerschweinchen #porcellinodindia #cochindinde #морскаясвинка #wheek #easter

Ada can’t decide which is her best side: brown or orange? #guineapig #wheek #meerschweinchen #porcellinodindia #cochindinde #морскаясвинка

Grace and Ada: masters of the pigloo flip. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ #guineapig #wheek

Using the flash to mess with Ada. And get that satanic guinea pig look. #guineapig #wheek

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Grace, Ada, and me. Hope Santa brings you all the veggies on your list. #guineapigs #guineapig #wheek #cavies #cochondinde #meerschweinchen #morskayasvinka #морскаясвинка

In honor of my pal @redqueencoder’s birthday, I treated Grace and Ada to a radicchio birthday cake. #guineapig #wheek

Picking up supplies, and having a quick look at the little piggies. I remember when Grace & Ada could fit into one pigloo. #guineapig #wheek