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I am going to let my domain name expire. I had an idea when I registered it, but never did follow through with it.

If anyone wants it, let me know. I’m happy to give it away to someone who can do something with it.

Part of my moving process was dropping off my supply of guinea pig accoutrements and supplements to the Portland Guinea Pig Rescue. It took a lot of discipline not to adopt more piggies.

Every year, I order multiple copies of the latest book in the “Guinea Pig Classics” series to give as presents. Even though my piggies are gone, I didn’t want to miss the new book, but it looks like there isn’t a new one. 😭

This one makes a great gift: A Guinea Pig Nutcracker

From a couple year’s back: guinea pig jack o’lantern.

RIP Grace. She was a great pet for 7 years, a respectable run for a guinea pig.

I’d say that now she’s happy to be with Ada again in guinea pig heaven, but they are probably frenemies there as well. (Photo: Ada and Grace, my iPhone lock screen since 2017)

Two guinea pigs, now deceased

I re-branded my micro pet’s little cardboard hiding place, aka the “crunchy condo” from

(I’ll be sending out stickers again soon. If you want one, send your mailing address to

guinea pig in a cardboard hidey with sticker

I made a donation to a fundraiser to a children’s hospital in Afghanistan, organized by Victoria Wang’s D&D group. As a perk, she made this awesome guinea pig drawing. One of those moments of joy on Twitter.