I don’t remember who suggested this last year, as an alternative to Instagram’s top liked photos. Here’s my 2020 Fave Eight.

Last Christmas treats and cuddles with Grace. We hope everyone had a nice holiday. 🥬🥂🍰

God Rest Ye, Merry Guinea Pigs (2015) #tbt

Merry Christmas/Eve, Micro.blog. 🎄🥂 🌟 wheek wheek wheek (insert guinea pig here 😏)

I made the mistake yesterday of doing one more chore (guinea pig cage refresh, disproportionately strenuous to pet size) and tweaked my back. I’ve been laid up with my heating pad and that’s just depressing. Then I open Micro.blog, and it made me happy. I’m grateful for this.

The elusive guinea turtle pokes it head out of its shell, hoping for a treat.

We got a new book! Well, it’s mostly for me. Grace is a big Tribble fan, and sadly, there are no Tribbles in Star Trek: Voyager. I had to bribe her with parsley to do this photo.

For completionist sake, I’m circling back to Day 4 of Microblogvember, near. It was the day I lost my little guinea pig, Ada, so near and dear to my heart, and I couldn’t bring myself to post about anything. 😢

Random unordered items arrive in my Instacart order. This combination of ingredients is so strange, I worry if it’s a secret message, perhaps a call for help? Meanwhile they forgot the parsley, which I order every time. The essential guinea pig treat.😫

My dilemma is that guinea pigs are social animals who should have a friend or at least a frenemy, but I’m not sure I want to get another after having lost my pretty princess Ada. Grace and I are getting to know one another better, now that our sassy extroverted one is gone.

One of my nicknames for Grace is “sweet pea” which is short for “sweet potato.” Happy thanksgiving! Enjoy your sweet things. 🧡

You know how Snoopy makes toast and popcorn for Thanksgiving dinner? At my house, it’s pie and lettuce. The lettuce is a feast for Grace the guinea pig. The mini pie is all for me. The big pie will be shared, though not with Grace (who would choose lettuce over pie any day).

The intrepid guinea pig captures its parsley prey.

Guinea pig humor.

I forced Grace on the scale today. I want to keep track so I avoid unintentionally overfeeding her or spoiling her with too many treats.

New emojis on iOS. 😑 One of my big disappointments this year is the rejection of my proposal for a guinea pig emoji.

When I got up this morning, I discovered that my little guinea pig Ada had passed away overnight. Respiratory infections are very hard on these little creatures. She was 6 years old, pretty good for a gp. So I’m not up to being on online today, which is a blessing I think.

No surgery for Ada today. After they put her under, they couldn’t intubate her because she’s got a respiratory infection. So she needs a course of antibiotics first. They sent her home, packed in hay for warmth. Dispensing oral meds and eye drops, I’m going to be unpopular.

Ada has surgery on Friday morning for the lump on her shoulder. The vet’s office just called to remind me no veggie treats for two days before. That’s 48 hours of shrieking deprived guinea pigs I have to endure. 😱

Manton will cover community management duties for me. And my neighbor will cover my guinea pig concierge responsibilities. 🙂 Have a nice weekend!

Checking out my On This Day page and it’s my guinea pigs, four years younger. They are now almost six years old. Click the link if you need a dose of cuteness.

For Day 21, a cavy cucumber crunchfest. You really need to see/hear the video to appreciate it.

Cuddly. (Day 17 of the Micro.blog August Photoblogging Challenge) #mbaug Cuddle cup full of guinea pigs.

Me: Oooh, big package just dropped off. Maybe a very belated birthday gift? 🎁 :: opens it up :: Me: Oh right, I ordered this. Grace and Ada: Thank you for not running out of essentials. 🧻

When I first joined an online guinea pig community in 1997, we called ourselves “guinea pig slaves,” a joke about our demanding pets. It was the protest against the tshirts worn by the cast of Suffragette that opened my eyes. Now I’m a guinea pig concierge.