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Micro Monday is a day to explore strange new worlds… or at least to find new people to follow. Let’s do a new roll call and boldly go where I have wanted to for a long time: Star Trek. Hail us with a reply. What’s your favorite? No spoilers for New Trek, please! πŸ––

The May 2022 Photoblogging Challenge Prompts

Updated with the latest prompts The challenge begins on Sunday, May 1, with a prompt for each day. If you want to earn the 30-day Photo Challenge pin, posting a photo every day in May is a good way to do that. The photo needs to appear in a short post on your timeline to count. Longer blog posts with photos are welcome, but the automatic pin calculation looks for a photo post.

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It’s Micro Camp morning! (In Portland, anyway.) Finishing touches underway. You can still register by going to

The Discover timeline updates will be sparse because our curation bots (aka me and @manton) will be focused on Micro Camp. πŸ• Town Hall Live (Friday, 12 noon Pacific Time) πŸ›

We are doing an experiment at this Micro Camp, which is itself an experiment, so if you think we are some mad micro scientists, you would be justified. πŸ§‘β€πŸ”¬ Jason (@Burk) and I were finalizing the schedule a couple nights ago, and kicking around ideas for adding something new to the lineup. Up until now, we have had pre-recorded videos by individual presenters and live panels. Wouldn’t it be fun and interesting (and possible crazy) to have the community do something live together?

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Micro Camp Presentations Schedule

Here are the presentations and time slots for Micro Camp, which starts two weeks from tomorrow. (February always catches me out with its paltry 28 days…) The times listed are Pacific Standard Time (UTC-7:00). The titles and times are still subject to change, and we put the final touches on the event, but we thought you’d like to start getting excited. Are you on the mailing list? Sign up at micro.

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Repeating for time zone coverage:

Artists and musicians: we are putting together a music+art+photos slideshow for Micro Camp 2022 that will play in between sessions. We did this at the first Micro Camp, and it was quite well-received.

If you have artwork or music that you would like to share (we will credit you of course!) email

More Presenters Join the Micro Camp Lineup

Micro Camp is a virtual gathering taking place March 11-12, 2022. πŸ• (Or March 12-13, if you are on the other side of the International Dateline.) It’s a community celebration and a mutual inspiration opportunity. πŸŽ‰ ⭐️ Sign up for the mailing list at the Micro Camp website for future announcements and registration details! We are excited to announce that these folks will present: Clifford Beshers (@cliffordbeshers) Khaled Abou Alfa (@kaa) Sven Dahlstrand (@sod) They join the lineup with the four presenters we have already announced:

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