I had a blast talking with @blankbaby about Star Trek: Voyager and why I created a Voyager viewer’s guide on Random Trek Check it out. 🖖

My first RPG experience: Star Trek Adventures with my pals from The Incomparable network. We did a special crossover episode exclusively for members. Kudos to Game Master @blankbaby. (I’m the Bajoran Chief of Security—see earring!) 🖖

I published Star Trek: Voyager – A Viewer’s Guide. A labor of love and of frustration—I get annoyed with people who write it off. I’m proud that I completed the project, and didn’t give up or get bored over the last year. 😇🖖

(photo: meeting my hero Kate Mulgrew in 2015)

My hero. (Almost ready to release my Complete Guide to Watching Star Trek: Voyager. A few more tweaks.🖖)

I’ve drafted a comprehensive viewing guide for Star Trek: Voyager as a constructive response to those who watch a few random episodes and declare it’s not good. It’s for people who want to watch it, but worry that it’s bad. Feedback welcome! I plan to release next week.

Despite the lack of a heroic Tribble action scene, I’m happy with how Star Trek: Discovery wrapped up. Michael Burnham really grew on me, and I loved most of the other characters. When does Season 2 start?? 🖖

Tonight is the finale of Star Trek: Discovery Season 1. Such a treat for this Trek fan to have finally watched a new series as it “aired”! And note, we’ve re-engaged the 🖖 search in the Discover tab. #llap

I am super-excited! I’ve never seen any episode of Star Trek on the big screen before. Thank you @hollywoodtheatr and Rerun for choosing the best Star Trek! 🖖

Got to watch the new Star Trek: Discovery finally. I’m still processing, so much so that I’ve listened to the Vulcan Hello twice now so I can profit from the insights @blankbaby & Co. 😲 🖖

Asking for Instant Pot opinions is like asking for Star Trek opinions. I got inundated with responses to my recipe request! So this post might break the internet. (“Today is a good day to dine.” by @hazydreamsco) 👩‍🍳🖖

I introduced my nephew to Star Trek via Discovery, and we have a standing date to watch together. Tonight he has to finish a science fair project, so we have rescheduled our watching until tomorrow. I promised I would not watch the episode tonight, or else face the agonizer. 🖖

The Star Trek “tagmoji” 🖖 is currently live in the Discovery tab of Micro.blog, in time for tonight’s episode “What’s Past Is Prologue”! We’ll activate it every Sunday through the final episode of Season 1 on February 11.

Starfleet Tribble Officer Grace reminds you that it’s Star Trek Sunday. We are still waiting to see the tribbles kick some butt. Or at least wheeeek very loudly. 🖖

The iPad keyboard is screwing me up a lot these days. It erases words without me realizing it, even whole sentences.. In my last post, I wanted to say that the Star Trek stamp confirms for me that we made the right choice in our new @AppCampForGirls executive director. 🤦‍♀️🖖

Mycelial network. (Someone’s been watching too much Star Trek: Discovery. 🖖)

Reporting for a new episode of Star Trek: Discovery: Tribble Security Officer Grace.

Somehow I made it through this entire podcast appeared without talking about guinea pigs: Random Trek: Trials and Tribble-ations