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In an alternate timeline, I’m in the air, winging my way back home after a month studying Slovene in Ljubljana. 😢

The A380 had already been changed to something else so the regret is not as great. (I really wanted one last 380 flight.) ✈️

July 27 LHR-YVR itinerary screenshot

Today is the anniversary of the Tumble in Trieste, when I tore up my knee while on a day trip from Ljubljana, resulting in an early departure from my planned month in Slovenia.

Lesson learned: don’t walk and look at your map at the same time. 😕

The Centre for Slovene as a Foreign Language (@centerslo) is now tentatively offering a USA- and South Africa-friendly schedule for the 2020 online course, depending on demand.

It’s an awesome challenging language for which I’m willing to get up to do the class at 7 PDT! You?

It’s official. The Slovene Summer School program at the University of Ljubljana will go online only this year. Time to look into canceling my trip. 😭😭

  • The good news: I can still take the course!
  • And good news for everyone else: You can take it too!

The only gators I see in Gainesville are students and alumni. But who knows what’s lurking in this swamp on campus? 🐊

(I almost went to school here. It’s so weird to reflect on how different life would be…maybe.)

Made a side trip to Gainesville and paid a visit to the childhood home of Mr. Tom Petty. They named the public park down his street after him. 😍🎸

Today I am thankful for my stepmother. She’s very kind and good to my father. I’m looking forward to walking around in some nearby parks and seeing the Florida flora and fauna with them.