I had a delightful conversation with @Nataliekayh for the first Micro Monday episode of 2020.

I also posted a transcript. We’ve always intended to do transcripts for each episode, but I fell terribly behind last year. I decided I can at least start off right in 2020.

It’s the first Micro Monday of 2020. Post your suggestion of someone we should follow!

(What is Micro Monday? Glad you asked.)

I am working on today’s episode of the podcast to be posted soon. Another good one! 🥳

You have three weeks to finish your Seven-Of-Nine rewatch to prepare for the debut of Picard on Jan. 23. My recommended episodes will take you about 12 hours, so you’ve still got time. Resistance is futile.🖖

Portland’s best happy hour is at Pizzeria Otto.. Naples on Sandy Blvd. (And now on Foster Road!)

I am planning to attend monthly Micro meetups in Portland this year. Would you join me? Let me know what works for you and I’ll get this started.


Wim Wender’s cut of Until The End Of The World did not disappoint! I have a lot of thoughts to put into a longer post, but here is the most noticeable difference: music. Not the soundtrack, which is of course amazing, but the characters play instruments and jam all the time.

One of my 2020 goals, now that I’m mobile again, is to organize and attend more Micro Meetups.

Portlanders: Here is a simple survey to get us started picking a time. No obligation!

I’d be happy to do a morning coffee or lunch AND a happy hour after-work meet up every month.

Happy New Year to all creatures great and small.

One hour into my New Year’s Eve project of watching the director’s cut of Until The End Of The World. About 4 hours to go. It’s set before 1999 New Year’s Eve, so good timing! I know the original cut so well, it’s delightful to see so much more of the story fleshed out. 🍿

Everything in this basket is a New Year’s Eve treat for somebody in my house. #wheek

Micro.blog hivemind: I need to find a free or cheap place to host adinkra.org.

It’s still a top resource on the web, but I haven’t updated for over a decade. I want to continue to offer it but I am paying too much to Dreamhost to keep it there. All static pages, ftr.

It took a little longer to get this done than I expected, but here is another Micro Monday retrospective, this time from eps. 11-20 with @mikehaynes, @smokey, @fiona, @jw, @mnmltek, @vanessa, @eli, @EddieHinkle, @endonend, and @Burk.

(It’s still 2019 in New Zealand…)

It’s the last Micro Monday of 2019. (What the heck is Micro Monday?)

I’m working on a special @monday podcast show which I hope to post today.

MM recommendation: a cool video by @handy that gives me some ideas on how to use video screen capture for storytelling.

I decided to come back Flickr Pro. (I hope it can fulfill my need for guinea pig and other pet photos. And people, of course.) Follow me there so I can follow you back.

My first year off Instagram, so I assembled my own little retrospective. It is hard to narrow it down! (My Instagram faves, determined by votes, were 90% guinea pig pics anyway.)

My Favorite Eight photos - 2019

My guinea pigs Ada and Grace

Jean and guinea pigs

Littlest nephew for a sleepover

nephew cozy in bed

Old friends Jean, Rosie, Peggy

Jean, Rosie, Peggy at party

Sonoma sunset

Sunset over vineyards

MacDonald in Miami

Siblings and dad in the pool

Lekcije slovenščine

Slovenian flash cards

Post-knee injury podcast rig

Jean podcasts from bed

Nieces and nephs

beautiful young clan members

Hand-picked—no algorithm needed

Favorite Eight title card

This is Griffin. We have known each other for 17 years. He was not speaking to me because I had the nerve to bring my dog along on my annual Seattle Xmas visit in 2009. This year he forgave me. Or forgot.

I do have a “nose-canceling” solution I highly recommend. I have this travel set of essential oils, one for each chakra. When I need to take control of my olfactory environment, I use a tiny bit on my temples to counteract smells I don’t like.

Taking my first train trip with my Christmas Air Pods Pro. Excited for the noise cancellation.

(And now I wish there was noise canceling for your nose. When will people lay off the perfumes??)

Apparently we haven’t declared an official Micro.blog holiday since Thankgiving…2018.

We are taking a day off from Discover, replies, and help. Have a nice holiday, or just a nice Wednesday or Thursday wherever your time zone may be. 🔕

Santa brought treats for Grace and Ada. Merry Christmas! 🎄🥒

(iPhone Night Mode FTW)

Another account to check out is @Gabrielcornish, who makes animated pixel art. We don’t include animations in the Discover timeline, but if you like them, you should go have a look at today’s 🎄.

Belated Micro @monday recommendation: @AJgloe, whose Sublime Maps are always eye-opening. Per the bio: “Many beautiful, historical, complex, simple, funny, weird, and shitty maps to see!” There can be a lot of maps in this stream, so be warned.

7 Seven-Of-Nine Episodes to Watch Before the Picard Premiere 🖖

It’s one month until the new Picard series is here. When I saw Seven in first trailer, I shrieked with joy at the prospect of spending more time with this character. And I started rewatching Seven episodes of Star Trek: Voyager to prepare, using my handy Voyager Viewers’ Guide.

Expect this topic to come up, when Picard airs, on my Voyager Revisited podcast.

Picard premieres on January 23. That’s 11.5 hours of television to watch over the next month. You can do it.🖖

Scorpion (S3E26, S4E1)
Voyager makes a deal with The Borg in order to defeat the even more deadly alien species 8472. Seven of Nine is designated to work with the Voyager crew. Captain Janeway takes an active interest in the welfare of this borg who was assimilated when she was a young human girl. And that gets this whole thing started…

The Raven (S4E6)
Seven has only been on Voyager for two months, when she starts hearing Borg voices and experiencing a clear case of PTSD. We learn something about her background, and we see how the crew pulls together to help save her. Throughout the series, Seven has given the writers an opportunity to portray mental health issues.

One (S4E25)
The crew must be put into stasis to avoid the deadly radiation of a nebula that they must pass through on their charted course. The radiation does not affect Seven, so she is left with the responsibility of monitoring the ship and the crew for a month, alone except for the Doctor. The psychological toll of isolation is high for a human who is a former member of the Borg Collective.

Bliss (S5E14)
Voyager finds a wormhole that leads directly back to Earth, but Seven of Nine suspects that it may not be what it appears. Neither she nor her sidekick Naomi Wildman (the Kitaran-Human girl who was born on Voyager in Season 2) have a personal interest in Earth, and are immune to the siren call of this wormhole.

Dark Frontiers (S5E15-16) When Captain Janeway devises a plan to steal a transwarp coil from a damaged Borg sphere, the mysterious Borg Queen learns of the plan and uses this knowledge in an attempt to return Seven of Nine to the Borg by issuing her an ultimatum: rejoin the Collective or watch as Voyager is assimilated. This episode flashes back to Seven’s parents and the events leading up to their assimilation.

Someone To Watch Over Me (S5E21)
The Doctor teaches Seven about making friends, dating, and romantic relationships. This is a key episode in Seven’s evolution and her close bond with The Doctor.

Equinox (S5E26, S6E1)
Voyager finds another Federation starship, the USS Equinox, stranded in the Delta Quadrant. But they also find that the Equinox crew is harboring a dark secret. Janeway seems to lose all human perspective, while Seven gains hers.

Relativity (S5E24)
A popular episode in which Future Seven is sent back to undo a sequence of events in which Voyager is destroyed. Bonus: Seven gets a Starfleet uniform and one pip.

Survival Instinct (S6E2)
Seven encounters three ex-Borg with whom she had been temporarily separated from the Collective eight years previously. This episode illuminates the impact of being assimilated as a child compared to most Borg, who were adults when they were assimilated.

The Voyager Conspiracy (S6E9)
Seven investigates a massive “conspiracy” involving the Federation, the Cardassians, the Caretaker, and numerous other alien races, which indicates that Voyager was deliberately stranded in the Delta Quadrant. This is the episode that cements the tight relationship of trust between Seven and Janeway.

Tsunkatse (S615)
Championship wrestling in the Delta Quadrant. This might not be a key episode to Seven’s story, but I love The Rock, who guest stars, so I am including this.

Unimatrix Zero (S6E26, S7E1)
Seven is drawn into a virtual reality that some Borg drones inhabit during their regeneration cycles. It’s one of the best Seven/Borg Queen/Janeway stories ever. Even Torres and Tuvok take a turn on the Borg ride.

Confession: OK, eagle-eyed readers with strong math skills will notice that this is more than 7 episodes. I tried to come up with a short list, and I did leave some things out, but I couldn’t cut it down to 7. These are the 12 episodes about Seven Of Nine that you should watch to understand this fascinating character’s story arc. (Feel free to suggest which 5 are irrelevant, you soulless Borg! Comments welcome to @voyagercast on Twitter and Micro.blog…)

Why has no one ever told me about this??? Wendleton Guinea Pig Village in New Zealand..

brb, making plane reservations…