I curtailed computer and device use over the last week because of a vision problem, and I haven’t been on hand much on Micro.blog. I’m taking small steps to get back up to normal activities. Here’s a post about what I’m dealing with: Tempus fugit. Muscae manent.

Tempus fugit. Muscae manent.*

Last Monday, I thought I noticed a flash just inside my peripheral vision. Then I noticed it happen again. Not long after, I realized I had a new floater in my left eye, a collection of cells that form a floating cobweb in one’s field of vision. I didn’t panic, because I had experienced this a couple years back. The diagnosis is posterior vitreous detachment. It’s not painful. It should be diagnosed be a doctor right away so that retinal detachment can be ruled out.

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Hey, all you writers on Micro.blog: check out this post from @Cheri regarding monthly Writer’s Meetups.

In case you were violating the Temporal Prime Directive yesterday and missed this, we started a roll call thread for fans of Star Trek. Transport yourself over to that thread, add a comment, and check out all the Trek fans you can follow here on Micro.blog. 🖖

May Photoblogging Challenge, Day 30: fish (suggested by @thedimpause / Ian).

iphone displaying a photo of a koi pond

In recognition of the traditional start of summer holidays here in the U.S., I have updated my profile photo to be more summery, less wintery.

Micro Monday is a day to explore strange new worlds… or at least to find new people to follow. Let’s do a new roll call and boldly go where I have wanted to for a long time: Star Trek. Hail us with a reply. What’s your favorite? No spoilers for New Trek, please! 🖖

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Conversation threads are open. Reply and let your fellow enthusiasts know where to find you.

I’m getting a batch of Micro.blog stickers reading for mailing.They’re going to Taiwan, Portugal, UK, Canada, Maine, California, Texas, Louisiana, New York, and wherever you are, if you drop me an email today with your mailing address: jean@micro.blog. 📧📬

I have enjoyed all the community suggestions for prompt words. Today’s prompt stripes is particularly fun to view in grid format. Thanks again, @CTD!