May Photoblogging Challenge, Day 29: stripes (suggested by @CTD / Christopher).

Window blinds creating shadows of dark and light stripes

Five years ago today. 😍😒 Do you need (a small corner of) your lawn mowed? Eco-friendly mowers for hire. #wheek

May Photoblogging Challenge, Day 27: fair (suggested by @odd).

Fair enough, for late May in Portland.

Cloudy evening sky over the neighborhood in Southeast Portland

The final three prompts for the May Photoblogging Challenge:

The prompts were drawn randomly, though I admit I intentionally bumped endurance to the end. πŸ˜‡

May Photoblogging Challenge, Day 27: written (suggested by @sylvia).

My first client during my brief career as a literary agent. Still proud of this book, still friends with the author. (And I finally got my copy autographed this month, 27 years after publication.)

May Photoblogging Challenge, Day 26: schedule (suggested by @canion).

The opening hours of my favorite neighborhood coffee shop.

Rain or Shine coffee shop hours on a piece of paper taped to the door.

Last year, I came across a beautiful labyrinth in the sand. The woman who created it said she does them for fun while her kids play on the beach. This trip I thought I’d try it out.

I need to learn on paper first. I hope it’s not bad luck to leave a labyrinth unfinished.

large completed labyrinth with Cape Lookout in the backgroundsmall labyrinth attempt with waves in the background

May Photoblogging Challenge, Day 25: mountain (suggested by @Miraz).

Neahkahnie Mountain, viewed from Manzanita. A detour on my way home from the coast.

Mountain headland viewed from the grassy dunes

Per @odd’s comment about LOTR, these could be Ents in Cape Lookout State Park.

tree trunk divided into legs at the baseanother tree trunk divided into legs, reminding me of Lord of the Rings

May Photoblogging Challenge, Day 24: intricate (suggested by @uncertainquark).

An intricate system of roots shared by four tree trunks.

four tree trunks sharing roots on the Oregon coast